At Conrad Selle & Co. we do goldsmithing and stone setting work on site, including but not limited to:

Jewelry Repair

We repair all types of gold, platinum and silver jewelry. We do quality work at reasonable prices. Many of the items we repair have been declined by other places, unable to provide the level of detail available to us working in a small workshop.

Custom Jewelry Design

We can design remount pieces according to the diamonds and stones you have. We can use gold you already own to recast new and original pieces. We can swap metal, as in changing from yellow to white gold. If you have extra gold, it could cover labor costs. We are versatile, adjusting to the needs of each customer. Preliminary drawings and estimates are free.

Custom Jewelry – Wax Models

Drawings are easy to make but lack three dimensional detail, thus we make jewelry designs in wax. We usually recommend customers stop by and see the wax model of the piece to get an accurate idea of its details. The wax model is used in the casting process done on site.

One type of wax model we frequently make is matching bands. Engagement rings are usually not flat-sided and do not fit well with standard wedding bands. We make a band to fit the contour and style of your engagement ring, turning your rings into a perfect set.

Another type of jewelry we frequently make is original pendants. Looking though jewelry catalogs it is easy to see a relative deficiency in the styles available. If you have several diamonds it is usually difficult to find an appropriate piece for them. We often design specific pendants for customers diamonds and gems.

We also make monogram and logo jewelry in a wide variety of types.

We make models for all the major diamond setting styles: pave, prong settings, channel, bezel and gypsy set.

Custom Jewelry – Casting

We cast models in gold and silver on site. For technical reasons we do not cast platinum on site, but we can make and send models to a casting company and finish the pieces.


We offer insurance appraisal services on a “while you wait” basis. Conrad examines your jewelry and take the necessary measurements and notes in your presence. These are refined and typed on the appraisal form and mailed to you in a few days. You do not need to leave your jewelry with us. Conrad has been certified with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for over 20 years.

Please call first for appraisal appointments for best results. Appraisal of several items can take some time-allow at least an hour or more for four or five items. Call us for appraisal price quotes. Minimum charge of an appraisal is $30, $10 for updates of previous appraisals.

The rise of world gold prices from $300-400 per ounce in 2004 to the current  (2011) $1500-1800 range means that insurance replacement values on carat gold jewelry-chains, bracelets, wedding bands-has effectively multiplied 400-500%.  Old appraisals on such items are frequently inadequate for insurance replacement. Values of ring mountings also usually need to be adjusted, and though diamond and stone prices have remained fairly steady, recent increases have occurred. Call us with your concerns (or those of your insurance carrier) and we will be glad to assist you.

We Buy Gold

We buy old gold and platinum. We can also recycle your old gold into new jewelry designs.  At $1600 per ounce fine gold market price we pay $34.98/dwt. for 14K scrap. There are no shipping costs, assay charges or deductions and we pay the same day. Prices are based on the daily market price of gold. Call for current price quotes: 502-541-4484.